Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two great moms with kids..

Wednesday; May 2nd 07
Tasik Kota Kemuning

When pictures worth a thousand words.. i dont have to say anything.. the pictures speak for themselve..

How magic it was when they made me cry during the session.. ya.. i did cry.. i pressed the shutter with tears filled my eyes.. esp the pose for shikin with her mother.. it went deep into my heart.. and suddenly the picture of Ibu came into my head.. how i realized that i missed her a lots on that time eventhough we meet almost every week..

Mak and Shikin, u both are really a great mother.. Happy Moms Day to u..

Mak, i'll keep ur advice sampai bila2.. thanks al ots.. :)

"speechless!!!dan semakin kagum dgn ur art work!!keep it up dear friend"
~ Shikin

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