Saturday, January 6, 2007

Hola Viewers!

I'm so happy that you've find my photography blog. This blog is dedicated to my passion, a medium to express my emotion in photography especially on what I'm specialized in.. that is Babies & Children! This is where I share the latest updates of my works, my activities and sometimes my daily ramblings and my personal thoughts :-)

But first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Zubye, a mother who is having an obsession towards my one & only son (so far), to the extend I will portray all his acts/movements/laughters everyday, caught from my camera. I don't have any specific favorite moment of him to capture, because to me, every moment is precious. For me, everyday is special day. I'm trying to appreciate every single tiny moments that happened into our lives. That is how I view life. To appreciate small things in life, because one day, when we look back, we'll realize they were big things.

Now my obsession has become a part of me, it gives me more passion to formed "Eyes of Grace Photography" where it works as my domain to spill out every emotions in my heart. Why I choose to be a Children photographer? It is simply because I have always love children all my life, even before the time I am yet a mother. There's a time I feel that every moment will only be wasted if it is not captured... because that moment will only come once in a lifetime!!!

Some have been asking me, “What makes me being too obsessed of capturing those moments of precious ones?” My honest answer will be, “It is because of pure sincerity in their smiles, cries and the shining of their eyes that moves me all out to explore within them deeper. From there, then only I found love. The pure love that I long to seek in a millions moment captured before. From that love I found peace, hope and miracle...”

I try my best to capture not only their pure innocent smile, but most importantly for me is capturing their heart & soul that reflected in every piece of photos I took. I hope I can bring smile on your face everytime you look at those meaningful pictures of these precious little creatures on earth!

I hope you enjoy and have a pleasant journey touring on this blog. You are always welcome to drop me a line or comments at this blog. I would always love to hear from you. :-)

Have a wonderful days ahead. May all of us will be surrounded with LOVE always.

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