Friday, June 29, 2007

I feel loved...

i have a bad day today. my head spinning.. my heart cries..
my eyes red.. i feel small.. fear.. lost..
tired.. sad.. frustrated... at the beginning..
i cried lots till i had this head ache..
but there's a shine at the ending..
God just wanted to test me..
i face it.. i struggle.. its my fate..
i went tru all this..
finally Alhamdulillah..
i started to smile and laugh again...
my eyes sparkling...

i went back home..
i got the offline message from a dearest friend..
i open her blog...
there.. i started to cry again..
i cant hide the happiness in me..
i read and i read it again...
it shows me... really me..
truly me...
she see me...
inside me..
Alhamdulillah again...
i feel loved...

thanks zz.. your thought really made my day.. it such a blessing to know u and to have u as a friend.. the one i will never forget.. terlalu besar rasanya apa yg zz tulis berbanding dengan zubye yang kecik ini... However your words had really touched my heart.. and thanks for this contribution.. I am thankful..

this is from her.. taken from her blog....

...duality within the camera...

this entry is dedicated to zubye... my best buddy who is sooo passionate with her image creations captured from the eyes of grace...

eyes filled with love. eyes filled with amusement. eyes filled with thought, bright eyes, soulful eyes, eyes that tear. is she superb? is she wonderful? is she awesome?

a moment divided in half. one side exposed, one side not. the side that is covered feels comfortable, relishing in the fact that it is not revealed. the others feels naked, as if being judged. it feels inept, disfigured. grateful, in the surroundings of beauty. blessing. perfections.

question: who is she? answers: she is my gracey

when will u be brave enuff to face her? when will u be brave enuff to face ur true self?for now, she wants to remain that way. yes, her eyes show it.

i am an imageshooter, fascinated by beauty amidst the norm. i love taking images of people, or of individual who represent the epitome of beauty. my gracey knows that in her eyes, things that might not appeal to the masses would always appeal to her. yet, she still able to find beauty within one soul. i sometimes find myself avoiding being on the other side of the camera. it was a challenge to turn the shutter upon others. to let the shutter captured the reality of love and illuminate the recognized beauty of individual, i can never find any closer heaven than these perfections. i am thankful..

The shutter clicks as they poses. this is eyes of grace..

~ from a dearest friend of mine.. she's the one..

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