Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Patung lilin kah?

Mika! jgn marah auntie sebab panggil mika patung tau! memang muka mika sebijik cam patung tau... masa amik gambar ni pun muka mika live pun memang macam patung.. mika ni tenang je masa nak amik gambar dier.. maybe jugak good timing hari tu.. mama mika suh auntie datang lepas mika bangun tido.. hehhe..

walaupun mika kadang2 blur ajer.. but auntie suka your innocent!! Mika suka auntie nyer lense ye... hehhe ;-) takpe.. insyaallah nanti kiter jumpa lagi at your 7 months insyaallah ;-)

he's spying on me.. ekke.. dalam hati agaknya dia kata.. what is this woman want to do with me.. with her big black gun in her hand..:D

i wait.. and i wait.. and nahh!!! finally ... he smile at me.. not really remember what makes him smile masa ni.. lucky.. i didnt miss the shot! hehehe..
kiut kan? smile pun macam patung lilin...

Like what i've told u before yus, i owe u this one.. u have such innocent, incredibly magnificent baby.. ! thanks for the trust yus.. even after the 'incident'.. well.. heheh in i.t world anything can happen kan..
anyway yus.. i do hope u and family love the photos.. the cd is on the way to ur door.... ;-)
jumpa lagi on the next session insyaallah..
Quote :
"zubye.. great pix.. cant wait to see the rest of it... mmg anak bujang kita sorang ni suka buat muka blur and slumber.. and muka 'cas' Papa Mika suka ckp.. seronok working with you...cant wait for the next session, insyallah kita jumpa lagi nnt.."
~Yus;Mommy Mika

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