Monday, June 18, 2007

Sofea dan mamanya..

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Saturday; May 26th 07
Tugu Negara Park.

Another session at Tugu..;-) but the tugu is nowhere to be found here.. ekkeke..

Najwa.. sorry for keep u waiting for this entry.. but the cd comes 1st right? i hope u do enjoy viewing all the photos ;-)

Sofea dan mama nya datang seawal pukul 8 pagi hari itu.. supprise for me.. hhe.. i dont even started my 1st session..! thanks najwa and family for being so cooperative..

and thanks alots to sofea yg bukan main pose lagi masa kat air pancut tu.. i dont have any problem to make her smile time tu.. hehhe.. but after that.. i struggle to make her photos as beautiful as i can.. hehhe..

hey lil miss attitude.. auntie tau sofea suka posing actually kan.. heh cuma maybe masa nak last2 tu sofea dah penat.. ye lah since 8 pagi tunggu.. hehhehe..

pasni kiter jumpa lagi ok!!

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