Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This is a tough one..


Once i make the appointment, i really looking forward for the day... immediately the faces of them is clear in my head.. i have the list of what kind of poses i wanted them to do.. what kind of angle i wanted to shoot from.. what expressions i wanted to capture.. i wrote some of them in my notebook.. and some of them are only in my head.. each of them with different approach.. i know how excited they are for the session.. as well as me.. i think i'm more excited than they are... some of them had already bought a new cloth just for the session.. i understand the excitement.. i imagine the fun that we're going to have.. i imagine the cute lil' face.. the smell of them.. the shy of them.. and the gorgeous of them.. i imagine how these lil cute buddies are going to play hide and seek and kejar2 with me.. but i'm just a human being...

This is really beyond my control.. My camera; "Gracey" suddenly not felling very well.. what can i say.. she got sick since last Sunday.. until now she did not recover from her fever. I cant even press the shutter.. there was an error message appeared on the monitor.. i dont know why.. all this while.. i treat her like my own daughter.. i handle her with very much care.. i tried so many ways to fix her.. but everything didn't work out.. suddenly she's HANG! and i didnt know what exactly happen.. till the day i wrote this, finally i decided to send her to the 'clinic'... and to my horror.. it will take at least 2 weeks for her to recover! i really feel like want to faint... maybe Gracey needs MC after all hard works she's been doing for the past 6 months.. but not 2 weeks, my dear!

I have a lots of assignments in these 2 weeks! 7 sessions!! Some of them i've planned a month before.. like it or not.. i've called my clients to reschedule all the sessions.. Only Allah knows how guilty i am to say those things to my beloved clients... i know.. its not me to be blamed.. but the guilty feeling.. i can't avoid.. i know how hard they are to reschedule what they've planned.. some of them didnt get much time.. In this kind of world.. people are so buzy.. that is hard for them to choose the right time.. but what else can i do..do i have another choice? God.. help!

I need to sort this things out.. Mana tau Gracey suddenly feeling well and i dont need to wait until 2 weeks time.. but i believe.. everything happened for a reason.. i also believe this is dugaan dariNya.. i have to accept it.. thanks to all my client who always have trust in me.. and being so understand when this happened to me.. Many appologies to u guys.. i must say.. I AM SO SORRY... :-(

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