Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ayna Larissa is 1..!

click here to see more pics

Yes, i meet u again pretty girl.. but this time at ur special day..ur birthday bash.. a very happening and enjoyable ones.. (altough i was alone on that day).. it such a good experience meeting with the big family again.. shooting.. eating.. playing and at the same time having fun with loads of children.. yer.. rambang mata nak shoot yang mana satu sebab semuanya comel2 belaka.. tapi yang paling penting is the girl of the day Ayna Larissa...

i admire ur name as much as i admire ur adorable face la Ayna.. it really suite u.. :-) thanks for cheering up my day by just looking at ur smile.. i met ur big sister; Ayra also at the party..(oh ya Ayra.. actually i was pretty scared to the 'grimace' too...huhuhuhu.. dont worry.. u are not alone.. oh ya.. it was not a monster.. it just a cat..huhuhu) this time i was more satisfied dapat photoshoot u with ur sis.. :-) i luv it when u posed for me... thanks, lil' girlsss... (ohhh.. now i start dreaming of having girlll..huhuhuhu... Amin..)

Happy Birthday once again, Ayna!

To Jehan and family, thanks for having us again at the party.. if derang ada adik nanti.. jemputlah lagi ye.. hehehhe... hope u do enjoy all the pics... :D u knew how much i love them ;-) keep telling u on that day kan.. ;-)
Zubye! Finally i get to see my gurls!!!*wink* By the way, lovely, lovely lovely pictures! I cant wait to see the whole album. You got me all excited!!! And dont you worry, kalaulah dapat seorang dua lagi,its definitely going to be you as our official photographer!!!
~ Jehan; Ayna's Mom

ok now i have to menyerah kalah.. i have this pain at my lower abdomen (laparkah..? huhu tak mungkin...) and a very bad headache since this morning.. i think i need to take some rest before i proceed for another posts.. so, to all my last weekend clients, u may stop hitting refresh button right now as i will not update anymore entry till next month!!! hahhaahha acah je... but really.. i need some break... i promise to post more pre-Postaaa.. bila kepala ni tak spinning lagi... (maybe a good sleep will help insyaallah) anyway do enjoy all the pics! and i luv u all!!!

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