Wednesday, August 22, 2007

~ prePostaa part III ~

I love maternity session, mommy to be is just dreamy and so lovely to photograph :-) A pregnant belly make her even cute along with the 'seri berbadan dua'... her smile was simply lit up our morning even at the first few minutes she was too shy to pose.. until her hubby came near her and make her laughed.. i love seeing both of them.. they are truly so in love.. aren't they? I know they enjoyed the session as much as i did.. sampaikan the baby inside pun banyak kali kicking.. maybe dah tak sabar2 nak keluar..

and yess.. 2 days after that, she safely gave birth to a very cute boy who i'm going to meet very soon.. (i hope it is as soon as possible as i dont want to miss this cute lil boy curling into a ball shape ;-) )

I wish them congrats.. i wish them luck.. i wish them enjoy the parenthood!!!

"oh i love all of themm! pandai kak zubye amekk!!tak sabar for the next session pulakk!! huhuu"

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