Sunday, August 26, 2007

What makes my Saturday beautiful...?

I just cant wait to share with u all theseee....

In the morning....
I had this unforgettable precious moment with the beautiful family from Germany...

"Hi Siti, fantastic shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can not wait for the other pictures. Please make it happen as fast as you can. We are really excited.If the pictures on the CD are ready, just give me a call and come along to our appartment and we will have a cup of tea/ coffee and select together the pictures for the album and even the album size.It was really a pleasure to do this with you and we are glad that we finally did something like this. This will become a fantastic memory forMalaysia."
~ Stefan (just paste from his email to me)... only God knows how i feel right now... :D.. :))))

In the evening....
I spent my time with a newly proud parents with their new hope, bundle of joy... 11th days baby Hariz..


"kak zubye! i love the shotss! cantikk! nicelydone! great job! x sabar nak tgk the rest!"

~ Hanis

i will share more pictures of them in my later entry ok!! stay tune!!

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