Friday, September 28, 2007


I have many booking for newborn session lately Alhamdulillah.. September is just like the month for welcoming the new creatures on earth. My beloved clients were just like planning to have the same born month for their babies and it’s a great perfect time shooting them during holy fasting month. (u know what I mean.. hmmm… I tot it was easy because I don’t have to run to chase them) but but but.. it is not as simple and easy as I think. I got to have the patience to handle the challenging time dealing with them. However it won’t stop my passion and gratefulness photographed them especially when u have the chances touching them, smell their baby’s odour and learn their cutie behavior, wont u feel blissful? Yes i made a good decision ;-)

This is an angel from up above, and I am just the one who is so lucky enough to work with this lovely baby who is just 2 weeks on that time. He had the combination looks of his mommy and dad.. with mata yang mengancam.. and thick straight black hair.

Placing him on the shelve of a really admirable beautiful cupboard was a tough one. (heheh at least the toughest one I think so far) I was immediately attracted with the rack and bravely I asked permission from the mommy to make it as one of the prop (since I didn’t bring a new prop at that time.. and i was so dang lucky!!! this is really a REAL prop.. yeehaa!) we made few trial placing him there.. and it wont work actually for the first time, (the baby cry.. the baby uncomfortable.. the baby clingy.. and the baby tido2 ayam..) the mommy had to sleep the baby.. and he must be ‘really2’ sleep to accomplish the mission.. no.. it was not mission imposible.. !

Like others, I love this session so much. The colour of the baby and the environment around is so well blended. I love the soft and harmony colour of the surroundings. ~ now I look more like an interior designer huh? Hehehhe.. well.. it was my other ambition actually.. ekekkek..

I don’t have to say a word to explain how adorable this baby is.. I do hope the pictures show it all..

Thanks Yanie.. u have been very kind to me..

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