Friday, September 21, 2007

Baby Hariz in B&W version

Remember last time i photographed his lovey dovey mom carrying him inside her tummy? and 2 days after that she gave birth of this tiny cutey baby..? yes.... so now i introduce u baby Hariz a very fragile young guy soon to be a handsome one ;-)

Thanks to his parents for having trust in me for capturing their son's picture from his 11th days till his 1st year.. i'm going to photoshot him again.. when he is able to crawl and sit.. and then when he reach his 1st terrific year insyaallah..

enjoy the pics~

"thank you kak zubye! once again, nice shots. great job! Can't wait to see the rest. Love it! "

~ Hanis, Hariz's mom

"Hi Zubye,very beautiful pictures! thank you for taking it, we enjoy the session and will always remember it.Kirim salam to your family nnt insya-Allah jumpa lagi soon =P"

~ Razallie, Hariz's dad

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