Tuesday, January 15, 2008

She was the baby with the red ribbon

Ingat tak lagi baby comel with sparkling eyes ni saya shoot bout in May last year.. ? 7 month after that we meet again.. and sekarang ni.. tgk la perubahan pada diri dia..

One thing I love bout my job is.. i have the chances to watch the kids grow and captured their pictures in the most beautiful way..
She was still like the one i met 7 month before.. she even had her own trademark now.. suka kerut2 kening.. rasanya saya perasan tu masa shoot dia baby lagi.. memang dia dah start kerut2 kening.. but that is sooooo cute.. I dont have many words to say here.. let the pictures speak.. yang pastinya.. she has really brighten up my day!
Thanks, dear Aina :-)

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