Monday, January 14, 2008

Some more of Masya..

If u may notice, i didnt get many pics of her smiling.. but honestly.. it was not the only think i aim in a photoshoot.. (many parents were so worried about this.. yeah.. but dont wory i know how does it feel.. ;-) its normal to be worried bout that anyway :D)

but here is the they are totally adorable on everything they do.. smiling and laugh may not promised u the best shots.. the most important thing to me is they stay who they are.. and they act naturally.. so it will gives me a good space of my own to photographed them.. i will find what special in them.. and obviously.. each kids are different with others.. some will look straightly to my camera.. and some were not.. but that is how it works.... ;-)

For Masya.. there was nothing to be rushed.. no need to force her smile.... because there is something in her that is unspeakable.. she showed me her true colour.. her eyes especially.. hit me! i think there was her strenght ... but.. sorry masya.. auntie kacau nap maysa hari tu.. ekekkeke.. we will have another session together soon.. this time i hope she will be more comfortable with me.. :D see u, darling!

and the pic below.. shown that she got style haa..... ;-)

The pain now is healed..

thanks my dearest girl!

I owe u a hug!

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