Monday, February 11, 2008

Batrisya & Rafhana's Birthday Bash!


yes.. more partiess.. more foods.. more cakes.. more balloons.. more presentss.. i guess the pics have described it all!! dont u think so? ;-)

This time we celebrated a birthday for 2 little charming princesses Batrisya & Rafhana.. the party held in kelab Darul Ehsan Ampang . The party was a private ones and attended by the close family, relatives and friends.. Nevertherless.. we still had a super fun on that day including my son!

The birthday girls were damn cute and sweet with their white gown.. i just loved the outfit..sooo sweet like chocolates! the big sista esp was so friendly and talkative! i really loves her smile.. she smile and laughed truout the party.. it was such a perfect and beautiful parties surrounded by cute kids and sporting guests ever..

For kids, the clown's appearance was the most waiting for.. they had a great time watching the magic show and happily participate in the games.. yes that is the meaning of a BIRTHDAY party.. FUN! FUN! FUN! Overall.. I love the party so much.. and i do hope that i can meet again with both birthday girls in some other time..

for above pic~ can u guess what my son was doing...? heheh.. dia bukan tahan kencing.. tapi dia menari ikut clown dan rentak muzik.. am glad that he was having a great time too!

Thanks Yus, for the opportunity.. u are such a lucky mom! ;-)
"Zubye, your touch is so amazing.. I love it so much! Thanks! :)"
~ Mom of the 2 princesses

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