Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In the making of Cinta Si Rama-rama

Edrie Hashim feat Hattan

Truly a GRREAATTT and unexpected experience for me.. shooting a rock star Hattan with a talented musician Edrie Hashim was like a dream comes true..

I had a GRREAATT chances to capture them both in action while there had a recording for "Cinta Si rama-rama" video clip.. This is my first experience ever shooting in a studio.. and.. shooting in Neo Gendang Studio is something that i love to do.. forgive me if the photos are not perfect as it were supposed to..

For bro Edrie, I wish you luck in your career and everything u do. "Cinta Si Rama-Rama" is totally an outstanding piece of work! I know many people love it muchh! Keep on writing!!

I must say thanks to Zizie Hashim for making this dream happened! Like her brother, i knew.. she was also a great lyricist once.. and she will always be my favourite writer.. i must say that she is so special in her own way.. and i love the friendship..

Always adore their talent!!


"Buka matamu, terbang ke hatiku
Telah ku tahu kau si rama-rama
Jangan keliru, fahami mahu ku
Ku cinta padamu…
Manis kata permainan mu
Kan ada jiwa yang terluka, kerna tarimu…"
Song and lyrics by Edrie hashim

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