Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday dear Nasya!

Ingat lagi baby putih melepak ni...? yes she is Nasya.. how fast times fly.. she is now has just turned 1! Thanks for her mom for having trust in me again and giving me the opportunity to capture the beautiful day of their one and only princess!

The party was held at one of the most picturesque venue in Putrajaya.. yes it was at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya.. and it was my 1st time going to the place :-) my hubby and son were not come along this time.. but from the moment i reached there, i called my hubby telling him how beautiful the place was.. and it will be more meaningfull if he and my son were there too.. heheh takpe mungkin satu hari nanti kita boleh datang sini makan2 ok!

Surrounded by lake, the view made us felt calm and naturally peacefull... with the colourful decos which have been customized by the host, Nasya's party looked beautiful indeed.. walaupun terdapat beberapa tetamu yang tidak dapat hadir pada hari itu.. tetapi ia sedikitpun tidak mencacatkan perjalanan majlis.. malah nampak everybody were really happy and satisfied with the attendance of the host ..thanks Mai!

Personally, pada saya.. sangat susah sebenarnya ingin melihat the birthday girl/boy yang betul2 enjoy with their party esp on the 1st Birthday Party.. but this little girl DID!! as what everyone can see in the pictures, she enjoyed every second of her day.. from the beginning.. she welcome the guests with her warm smile.. she was not frightened by the appearance of the clown.. in fact siap main cak cak lagi dgn clown.. she was so excited especially when it comes to the cake cutting session.. her face was so radiant and glowing tru out the party. This is why i love a girl named Nasya.. She just a cute happy go lucky girl:-) dari awal ambil gambarnya dulu pun she has showed me her true colour.. and alhamdulillah it was easy to work with this darling baby.. (oopss baby lagi ke..?) and I hope she will stay this way on our our next2 session insyaAllah :-)

Thanks Mai and hubby for the priceless moment .. jumpa lagi ya!! :-)

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