Saturday, March 1, 2008

A special dedication..

To my dearest Afia Zia Nuha...

by looking at this pics.. i hope u know how much ur family in Malaysia missss and loveee you..

your pictures are everywhere in the house..

you are always near to their heart my dear..

eventhough you are so far far away from them....

and you surely do miss them too..

so this is for you :-))

pics taken at your newly cousin, Hizqeel's majlis bercukur.. your grandparents do the Doa Selamat for u too Afia... i witnessed how beautiful and lovely it was :-)

Zie.. u jangan nangis ok!!
kiss and hug her for me :-)
thanks for introducing me to your family.. they were so nice.. especially your mom.. :-) hope to see them again insyaAllah..

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