Friday, April 4, 2008

Adyan Raees is 1 !!!

Yeah!! finally dapat jugak letak this PictoBrowser in my blog!! sukanyaa.. nampak menarik saya rasa and a very 'viewer friendly'.. How does it looks friends? I absolutely love it!! Senang sikit nak view each of the pics kan! just click on the thumbnails to see the pics in a bigger size. Thanks shafiq for your help ;-)

Ok party ni actually dah agak lama.. cuma baru berpeluang update ;-) and they even already saw the pics in the CD. I really hope the family loves all the pics as much as I do..

It was Adyan 1st Bash .. held in Pizza Hut Kota Damansara.. such a cozy and a nice place to celebrate a BIRTHDAY.. a great and warm ambience as well... buat gambar nampak ceria dan harmoni je rasa.... it was a fantastic party full with cute children and not forgotten the hottiee moms :-).. They really had fun with the games games and games.... tak puas rasanya kanak2 tu bermain sesama mereka.. not only to the children, the parents pun very sporting participated in the games..

Actually Adyan's mom was my friend masa dekat ofis dulu.. and am glad we are still keep in touch.. and will always be ;-)

One thing i adore is the relationship between the families.. especially the friendship among the moms. They were friends from school and the relationship still remain fresh till now.. Such a bless! I've worked with some of them before.. and soon insyaAllah when everything is ready, there is one project i would like to have with these mommies.. at this moment we have discussed the idea.. and really hope it will become a reality :-) so guys.. tunggguuu ok!

And enjoyyy the pictures!! I hope u really love viewing the slide show! Cool tak? ;-)

Till next time..

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