Monday, April 7, 2008

Its Adam Rizal 1st Birthday Bash!

This is the 3rd time i had the opportunity photoshoot this chubby boy Adam Rizal.. ( and he still chubby as ever) and it was on his 1st birthday celebration. At the same day, his parents celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary together.. (both anniversary and Adam's bday share the same date.. best kan!)

To Zura and family.. only Allah knows how much i appreciate all of you for the support that u've given to EOG. Dah besar dah Adam kan if compare ngan gambar2 dia naked bereben dulu tu..:-) masa tu kiut2 je lagi.. now dah turned to be a handsome boy dah pun!! Enjoy all the pics ok!

Psst.. nak resepi rendang makan ngan pulut kuning tu leh takk?? teringat2 till now ;-)

Till next time...

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