Tuesday, April 1, 2008

They are C.O.U.S.I.N.S

Jarang sebenarnya saya berpeluang ambil gambar kanak2 usia ini.. lebih2 lagi 3 sekaligus.. and they are even close with each other.. they are cousins!! pengalaman berbeza sama sekali sudah pasti!!

I've photographed one of them; Hani ( the youngest one ) last year. And when her mom said that she wanted me to photograph her daughter again but this time will be Hani and her cousins.. i become 'extra excited'.. and from the moment i heard that.. i know the session is going to be 'extra fun' than ever! and yes i could feel the difference.. ;-) the kids i photographed this time have got their own identity.. and it showed. I thank Kak Rozie (Hani's mom) for introducing me to them.. i just love being with them.. rasa cam nak jadi budak2 semula pun ada.. ;-)

I've been told that Kakak, (the eldest one) was very2 excited for the session.. they even brought 3 clothes for her that day.. patutlah dia tak sabar2.. rupa2nyaa.. memang pandai sangat dia pose.. natural.. kadang2 pemalu.. tp yang paling saya suka senyuman dia tu sweet sangat.. wow how fast she has grown up! I'm not very sure or i couldnt even remember when was the last time I saw her.. rasanya masa pergi beraya ke rumah nenek mereka.. itupun.. beberapa tahun yang lampau.. so saya rasa agak terkejut sedikit berjumpa dengannya hari tu.. sebab dia dah jadi mcm 'anak dara' yang sangat tinggi.. tidak sangka rupanya dia baru darjah 2!! Sekarang sudah tambah lagi satu umur kanak2 yang saya suka shoot.. yes.. it is around her age!

Walaupun pada mula2 masih belum keluar the true colors of them.. sebab awal2 mereka ala2 malu2 dan quite reserved, but finally tru the end of the session, i've found the extra strenght in them which made the pictures become more alive! That is the LOVE that they have inside each of them.. Their flesh and blood ;-)

Perhaps next time.. i wud think of photograph my own son with all his cousins this way.. I mean a proper one ;-)

Actually, Hani and family will be moved to Sabah in the nearest time.. I'm sure she will be missed by her two cousins.. oh not only them.. me too of course will be missing this pretty young lady and her mom ~ dah lama dah kenal ngan her mom.. bout 17 years ago.. :-( and that what makes the session special to me :-)

That is one of the reason we had the photo sesssion. Mungkin lepas ni lepas 2 3 tahun akan datang rupa masing2 pun dah berubah kan.. Cuma.. bila rindu2 tu mereka mungkin boleh tengok2 gambar ni kembali utk mengubat rindu tu kan.. :D I just hope the 3 fellas will enjoy looking at their photos.. dan semoga mereka kekal bersahabat seperti ini sehingga mereka besar InsyaAllah..

For Hani and family.. semoga berjaya dalam kehidupan baru kalian!! jangan lupa contact2 auntie di sini ok!

Love all of u!

"Zubye!! Thanks a lot for your adorable shot!! Akak mmg suke sgt2....inila one of the most memorable pics that we'll have...untuk pengubat rindu bila kat KK nanti...Thxs alot!!"
~ Sis Rozie; Hani's mom

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