Thursday, May 22, 2008

Darling = Energetic + Charming

She is darling.. such a happy girl..very energetic yet so charming. She talks a lot.. very smart! This is such a challenging age to document. I was soakin wet! hahahha! But it was fun ( i hope i burned few lbs of callories that day :p)

It was such a pleasure for me to know her parents. They were great. Thanks for the moments, Iris and family!

"kak zubye...not only u were soaked and wet...all three of hubs and me even wonder...battery iris tak get weak ke....she is liked just recharged...walaupun pagi tuh diamengamuk sebab bangun awal...ahahahah...but was a great shooting...i wish one day leh kita pi picnic together gether...just so the kids can play together...LOVING all of the pics.....why dont that surprises me ek....i have always been adoring your work kak zubye!!!till next time!!"

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