Sunday, May 18, 2008

Family of four

Last year I had a great opportunity to photograph the 3 of them on their special day, and this year i am very thankful for having the opportunity again to photoshoot this family on the day mommy and daddy celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary together. It was more meaningful to them this time as they have been blessed with an additional family member to share the sweet moments together. They are now four. Perfectly beautiful FOUR.

Khadija, you are absolutely adorable lil' baby. I was extremely geram with your chubby-ness. Rasa nak cubit2.. Adam, eventhough it was a bit funny at first to see you 'terkepit2' because of your very shy personality, but it was worth the experience. I really had fun photographed you and your lil' cute sister that day.. and i won't ever forget how much pleasure I had during the session. Be a good brother, ok!

To Jiji and Kucai, congratulations on your 4th year together. Can't wait to see the new looks of your wall with the frames of those pictures ;-) Thank you for always having the trust in me and thanks for your endless supports. Jiji, I am so lucky to have a friend like you and I hope the friendship will remains forever :-)

To the blog viewer, enjoy!

"Dear Kak Zubye...Jiji..Kucai..Adam and Khadija would like to say a million of thanks for the lovely family potrait...thanks for the moment captured..we are really happy to see all the pics...sampai ke hari ni pun still membelek2 lagi...kami dah pun framekan gambar2 tu...nanti datang rumah akan terpampang laaa hasil kerja tgn kak zubye yg sangat kami puas hati...thanks again..
~ The fantastic four

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