Sunday, May 18, 2008


Sakina.. i am so sorry for making you wait too long for this entry.
Harap-harap your baby pun tak 'kick' your tummy kuat2 sangat sebab tak sabar nak tengok the pics of 'him' here ;-)
Here is a special sneak peek for you as a reward for your patience :-)

You and hubby were so wonderful to work with and so glowing to photograph. Thank you for the moment you share with me. Take a good care of yourself and the baby ok! Seriously, I can't wait to see and hold the baby too! (the smell of the baby is what i am dreaming of.. hehehe)
"Hi Zubye! It's not that long pun :) Hehe..Thank you so much for taking such lovely photos of us despite the macam2 dugaan (nyamuk, lepas tu terkena selumbar pulak..kesian) My husband and I agreed we had a good time at the photo shoot! Can't wait for you to photograph our newborn..semalam scan tgk the baby is bigger than he should be so doctor tu warn he might terkeluar awal..saspen betul dgr..anyway, we'll be in contact with you kalau "ter"awal! :)"

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