Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Try your luck. Enter this contest!

Entry Submission : 2nd May - 5th June 2008

Hurry! Submit your family photo which include either the mommy/daddy or both, with your precious babies/tots in those special bonding moment. The judges will select the best 30 photos to be chosen as the semifinalists, and then you vote your favourite photo(s) to be ranked Top 10!

There are 3 lucky prizes daily throughout 35 days of entry submission, 10 great prizes for the Top 10, 20 consolations for the next 20 and 3 special prizes for the highest voter and highest purchaser for the month of May and June all worth more than RM30,ooo!!

... and guess what? the Family Photography Package prizes worth RM6000 are fully sponsored by Eyes of Grace Photography.

To my beloved viewers and not forgotten my dearest previous clients.. this is surely a great chances for everybody to win and to be photographed by me ;-) so please submit your best photograph ever, ok! oh btw, i'm NOT one of the judges... so the results will definitely be fair and square :-) don't worry..

Please click http://www.thelilcaliph.com for further information about the contest.

Thank you very much!

**the advertisement for the magazine of Mami & Baby June 08 :-)

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