Friday, May 30, 2008

Wan Umar Zharif ~ truly a fighter

Umar's development

We visited him and family last few days. He's doing quite ok.. tetapi matanya makin kuning dan perutnya semakin membesar. Badannya lemah sedikit hari itu.. mungkin kerana kesan ubat yang diambil malam tu.. Umar merengek2 dalam pangkuan mommynya.. nampak sangat manja.. tidak mahu dilepaskan.. No words can describe my feeling that day. Only Allah knows. Tapi saya puas dapat memeluknya lama.. sampai dia hampir tertidur.. He is my friend's son. To those who have been following my FP will know bout this lil' boy.. here is a story about him... i'm very appreciate if u could spend some time to read..

Wan Umar Zharif aged 9 months++ is diagnosed to having a liver disease called Biliary Atresia, a rare disease of the liver that affects newborn infants. It occurs in about 1:16,000 children born in the whole world. Biliary atresia causes liver damage and affects numerous important processes that allow the body to function normally. It is a life-threatening disease and is fatal without treatment. Once the liver fails, a liver transplant becomes necessary. Biliary atresia can lead to liver failure and the need for liver transplant.

To date, he is growing and developing well as other infants in his age. However, since the previous operation was not really successful (Kasai portoenterostomy – he did this on his 86th day of life), Umar needs to go for another surgery, the more major one, A Liver Transplant. As advised by the doctors, the best liver to be donated is from a living donor. In this case, Umar’s father as the donor. Now, both father and baby is going through all test needed to prep for the operation. If everything went well and the father’s liver is healthy enough to be donated, a date for the operation will be given.

As of now, the transplant date is not yet confirmed since they still needs to undergo a few more tests plus he also has to gain an optimum weight of 10kg to be operated (now Umar is around 8kg ++). Therefore, regular visits to his Biliary Atresia ward (if fever occurs – can’t consume normal infant medication & antibiotics) as well as regular visits to the liver specialist clinic has become a routine since the past 6 months...and become more regular now. He also has to consume a special diet formula with special vitamin supplements.

Therefore, Dear Friends and viewers out there, to those yang berniat ingin menghulurkan sumbangan ikhlas kepada Umar Zharif untuk membantu dalam segala keperluan perubatan, diet and hospital expenses, boleh menyalurkan sumbangan anda ke akaun :

CIMB 1435 006 7434 522

Nurhaiza Harith (mommy Umar)

Mudah mudahan sumbangan anda itu nanti dapatlah meringankan sedikit kesulitan yang di alami oleh Umar dan keluarga. Tuhan sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa baik kawan2 semua..

you may read more about his development at his mom's blog. Don't forget to take a moment to jot down something for his mom and to give her the moral support she needs in facing this dugaan from Allah..

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