Friday, June 20, 2008

3 in 1

It was Emilia's 3rd Birthday bash.

This birthday gives a different experience for me as it was held in a kindie where the lil' girl had the chances celebrating her birthday with her school's friends and teachers. Emilia shared the same celebration with one of her friends there.. But.. there were 3 cakes on that day.. Guess what..? yeah! They were celebrating the Teacher's Day too.. it was on 16th May 08. I think it will be easy for me to remember her birthday now.. ;-)

I knew Emilia's family tru FP world eversince they lived in Vietnam and then moved to Bangkok.. and now here they are in KL.. I dunno how long they will be living here as her father's job needs them to travel a lots.. (wow!! that is actually my dream hahaha!! to travel around the world with my beloved family...)

Anyway, I had so much fun that day being surrounded by many cute faces.. They are so pure.. the innocent looks of them really touched my heart.

To Enina, thanks for letting me be the one who capture the moments.. It was nice knowing and meeting you.. (we shud have a meeting for DH club once in a while.. hahahha!) Thanks and till we meet again. :-)

can you see how excited they were when they saw the cakes..??? ahhh.. so innocent young kids...

"Thanks zubye. It has been a pleasure working with you, so nice and easy to work with. Shots pun cantik sangat. Both me and my hubby were pleased with the results. InsyaAllah one day you can take our pictures lagi kan? and one more, nanti kita buat meeting DH ok? :)
p/s: mata n senyum cam mak dia ke? harap nakal tu bukan dtg dari mak dia jugak la.. haha.."
~Enina, Emi's mom

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