Thursday, June 12, 2008

Behind the scene..

This is behind the scene of a shooting yesterday.
They were models for a product advertisement for a magazine..
Iklan apa and majalah apa? will talk about it soon when they have publish the issue for July 08 k! For now, let it be a surprise.. teehehehehee...

I am very new to this.. but this is worth the experience..

I hope the team will be happy with the result (they have seen it yesterday jugak)

Thanks for the opportunity to Kak Lela, Nora, Ellis, Intan and Mr sifu.. and not forgotten to the 2 co-operative models, Baby Fara and Mimi. It such a pleasure knowing u guys..
and last but not least to my brother Wafi and his friend Nat whom introduce me to them..
ok.. rush lagi ni.. jap lagi ada shoot with 8 model ciliks pulak utk iklan baju pulak.. till then... bye!

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