Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Can you tell me how cool this lil' boy is..?

It was a perfect peaceful morning in Sri Kembangan, where I got an opportunity to capture and be the witness of the holly ceremony for a very cute little boy who was just 2 months old on that time.

Baby Fahim was such a good, behave boy. Seems like he knew the ceremony was dedicated to him, he slept soundly in his beautifully decorated cradle when the majlis started and only got to open his eyes when the Imam/Ustaz did the upacara 'belah mulut' (terkejut agaknya). And he continued sleeping tru the end of the ceremony.

He is absolutely a pride and joy to his parents and the big sista. Rufida, thank you for having me there to capture the lovely day of your son. Thank you to your family too for the great hospitality. We'll meet again soon, InsyaAllah :-)

"Thanks a lot zubye for capturing the moment..Really like these pictures. Keep up the good work! "
~ Mama Fahim

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