Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Boys!!

Last 2 weeks I had the opportunity to capture the event of these 2 boys.. They were celebrating their big day.. their BIRTHDAY..

This is Zaim.. who was celebrating his ONE at his grandparents's house in Puchong.. the party was great with yellow, green, and orange theme colour.. I just love his small picture displayed on the party pack.. a very cute one!

Boys will always be boys... here was a party with Ultraman Theme.. hehhehe.. they were all in red & silver.. the best part.. all the decos and cakes were made by Adam's dearest mom.. Syabbas Jiji!! you have done a very grreat job here.. and the kids enjoyed it so much!

Of course there were a lots more pics I took that day..But in the meantime, do enjoy a few of them first.. I will try to catch up with its full version later InsyaAllah...
~huhuhu sungguh byknya entry utk di upload... tulunnn!!!

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