Monday, June 23, 2008

Helo Pregnant Lady!

Guess who...?

I think you all already know.. ;-)

My best friend is expecting her 3rd child, and I had the privilege of shooting her maternity photo recently. She is now in her maternity leave already.. I wish everything will goin on smoothly.. wait for me to capture her new born pulak nanti yee...;-)

Ok I think thats all for today.. Since I don't have enough rest last weekend.. I will take this 'perfect lazy Monday' mood to jalan-jalan with my son.. Kungfu Panda perhaps? hehhe tak tau lagi.. tengok lah apa yang best nanti.. Anyway happy working, everyone!

~~~ Ok sudah balik tgk itu Kungfu Panda.. yesss finally got to catch the movie hihihi eventhough 5 minutes late.. But the movie was really worth to watch.. Highly recomended to all parents out there ;-)

Ok back to the pics. I got the 'happy sms' from 'tuan punya gambar' on my way back tadi.. I was really grateful that they loved the pics so much.. sebagai habuannya.. hehhe.. here I add some more of the pics.... Hundreds of pics to be chosen.. I just pick randomly some of them.. InsyaAllah if I got extra time, will upload them more in the future :-) In the meantime, Enjoice!

"U know how much me n zairi love such words can describe!!!Thanks for capturing this moments!!!thanks so much!!!this is really a memorable one for us..."

~The pregnant Lady

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