Friday, June 20, 2008

Hola, world!

Little 'Q' was just 3 weeks old the day I photographed her. She was simply adorable.. and her mom was great. Oh.. she had a really wonderful grandma too (a very sporting one.. teehehehe.. thank u auntie for giving the permission for me to.. 'seksi2kan' Qistina during the session ) She also has a very helpful auntie and uncle to be depend with.. I still remember how helpful and generous her auntie was (she was only 6 years old.. hehehe). She was so excited and helped me to place all the props especially the teddy bears. She in fact suggested what kind of pose shud Qistina do, and from what angle shud I captured. I think she had a great eyes too la.. Thank you maksu!

I look forward to watch this one grow too. This is such a great age to document along with the 6-9 month old stage. Can't wait to see you again lil' baby.. perhaps next time we'll shoot outdoor pulak ye.. sure cute u with the flowers in the park kan ;-)

ps: this is a secret.. actually i had an intention to place this baby on the dining table because i was so attracted with the wall colour next to the table and a photo her mom hang on the wall. I thought it might be look so stunning in the picture... Hikhikhik.. but hajat tak kesampaian.. when i was only wanted to suggest it to her mom, there I saw the grandma gracefully angkat dulang berisi kuih dan satu teko air kopi and put them nicely on the table... hahhahaha.. melepas peluang... then suddenly I realized, am i goin nut? Putting the baby on the dining table? hahahha! But I really can't help it! The angle was so perrrfect... oh still takleh lupa laa...what do you think? nyehnyehnyeh...

ok.. ok.. enough for today.. its time to prepare the dinner!

Till next time.



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