Wednesday, June 4, 2008

oh!! Girl...

Remember this ?
hehhe.. ye Sofia Maisarah... ni gambar saya ambil January lepas.. antara kanak2 yang saya rasa nak picit2 pipi dia...

and... look at her now!! sudah pandai berlari2.. dan sudah pandai suruh saya kejar2 dia utk ambil gambar.. this time Sofia ambil gambar with her very wonderful parents pula.. ada acara candle blow sebab her mom celebrate her birthday masa tu.. such a lovely family.. many thanks to them for the beautiful day..

cuba tgk her face expressions ni.. oh.. what a cute girl!!! rasa nak cubit2... so cheeky kan ini Sofia~

"hi zubye...firstly, many thanks to u...suka nyerrr i there is no words can i say & describe... i really love all the pictures looks so natural...we really had a good time that day, and insyaAllah will see you again soon..."
~ Mama Sofia

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