Monday, June 2, 2008

Super sneak peek

This is a sneak peek .. hohoho Part 1 baru ye...
Part 2 will be coming pretty soon ;-)

Currently, this is what i've been working at rite now... how i wish i could have some extra hour in a day so that i can update the full version of the entry on each of the session. (still owe u the pics from the previous sessions too.. hehehhe) I'm dying to share all of the pictures here.. but at this moment i only manage to share a few of them. When i've finish working with all the albums and cd's, Insyaallah i will resume the uploading process ;-) btw, enjoice!

Adam the funky boy

Amelia's Bday @ QDees

Kak Ain with her beloved family

Kak Elia with her sons

Ellia and Hadif

Oja and Dania

Dilla and Aryl

Zharfan's 3rd Birthday Bash

who's next?

- A 3 weeks old baby

- pretty lil' girl in the park

- Aqiqah for a cute baby boy

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