Friday, June 20, 2008

To watch him grow

Do you still remember this cute lil' baby on the shelf? The last time I photographed him was when he was born..

I had the pleasure of photographing him again last month ( ya.. ya.. i know.. it is a long due entry :p) look at him now! Wow! He has grown so much! He is now a handsome little 9 month old.. (macam hindustan muka dia kan..) i love watching him grow.. wow.. i love my job too! Definitely! Thank Allah for this..

"Kak Zubye..Thanks for the lovely photos.. i love them so much.. tak puas tgk!! Another session kita buat masa dia 1 year old k! But this time photo with the proud mummy n daddy.. hhihihihi.. Thanks so much and I doakan akak sentiasa berjaya n dimurahkan rezeki.. Aminnn :)"
~ Dearest Yanie

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