Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ku lihat hijau...

I love the combination of the green colour as the background and the colourful subject.. They look energetic and fresh.. do you guys agree with me? hehhehe.. These photos i photographed in 2 different sessions at 2 different locations... the 1st one was at KLCC park and the other one was in Shah Alam.. but one thing for sure.. all of them are really fun to work with and because of them i enjoyed my weekends soooo much!!! Thank you ;-)

The Cousins

Dafina and family

I met so many great people last few days (including these one).. some of them were my old friends and some of them were new.. I gain so much experience working with all of them.. had the chances to know them, learning their culture, and captured their beautiful moments as a family... a lovely Indian family, a farewell party for a new friend, and a birthday party for a sweet girl will be featured in my next entry..

So, dear beloved viewers, stay tune for more pictures from me :D!

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