Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some more photos of them..

I would like to share..
Ok.. here are the pictures of Shikin carrying her 3rd daughter inside her tummy.. taken 2 weeks before she deliver the baby... walaupun sebenarnya.. session ni banyak kali tertunda.. but alhamdulillah.. finally, we made it!! :-)

I've post this picture in my last entry.. but this time i made some colour adjustment on it. It was my favourite pic of the 2 A's with her lil' sister inside the tummy.. :-)

*jaga adik2 baik2 ok arisha!

ok ini ada gambar2 "Baby A" lagi on her 5th day of life..

Baby A sudah ada nama... :D

Introduce you... Arlia Nur Falisha ~ noble happiness

such a beautiful name indeed :-)

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