Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wonderful people around me...

Baby Nikita

I was so lucky to be able to photograph this cute 6 weeks little baby. Isn't she the most precious little thing? I always love to photograph sleeping baby and I just think they are so adorable when they're asleep. So peaceful.. so sweet..

And I even feel so lucky that I had a chance to meet her parents who have been so nice and very kind to me. The mom did the 'homework' before this photoshoot session.. and it made my job become easier .. hehehe... (thanks Mydili) I had this kind of feeling at the moment I captured their family portrait.. the feeling that no other one knows.. the feeling that is so hard to explain in words.. the way they being together, being in each other arms, simply touched my heart.. They were as loving and charming as I can see.

Ok guys, enjoy your long holiday here before fly back to US. (I will surely goin to miss baby Nikita)

Qistina Amani's 2nd Birthday Bash.

The birthday girl was very shy.. She didn't want to be hold by anyone else except her mom, mom, mom, grandma and grandpa and mom again... It was quite challenging to photograph the girl of the day... but the party went great.. The guests had so much fun especially with the game.. (I think I laughed a lot that day).. and last but not least.. i was so in love with the white gown Qistina wear on her big day! Make the girl look sweet.. You are so cute in your own way, my dear ;-)

The host of the party; Kak Intan (my x-officemate ) was very kind to me.. I got two bags of party favours, one present, two slice of birthday cake, and 1 set of KFC dinner plate to bring back home.. I thank you, Kak Intan! hehehhe...

A Farewell Party

I just got to know them few weeks back.. when I had a chance to photograph their family outdoor portrait, and now less than a month, they are ready to leave this country :-(

So, last week I was invited to photograph their farewell party... It was such a pleasent experience for me as well.. and I think the farewell party was just like a Birthday party as Mr. Clown was invited too... to entertain the kids.. and even the clown was confused ( he tot that he was in a birthday party :D) oh maybe.. he was just joking...

It such a pleasure to know you and family, Susanne. I wish you and family all the best in London.

and.... this girl caught my eye. Will you look at her hair and her beautiful skin and eyes? so gorgeous!

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