Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby I the prince charming

As I promised before.. ok ni pula prince Idlan, Lydia's lil brother.. Personality Idlan lain sikit dari kakaknya.. kalau kakak.. lebih friendly dan bising mulutnya.. Idlan pula lebih pendiam, releks dan cool sahaja.. jarang dengar dia menangis.. susah jugak nak capture his smiley face.. because most of the time riak wajah Idlan sangat bersahaja... Sometimes, it was the most chalenging task ever.. to have the children look closely to the camera and smiling.. yes.. some people loves candid and more natural shots.... but to tell you the truth, that's what the parents and my clients want the most... they wanted their kids to look at the camera and say cheeesee smiiileee...:-) and also.. that's what I always aiming for everytime i take picture...

so again, I challenge myself and I strive very hard that day to make it happen.. and to make the parents happy too.. I'm not quite remember what did I do that made he laughed at me.. yang saya ingat.. saya kena buat rupa ala2 badut sikit mata juling2 sikit.. baru Idlan nak ketawa.. and the kakak pun played the important role here... thanks kakak for helping me to explore your lil' brother deeper.. I was thrilled when I looked back at the pics I took, banyak juga rupanya wajah2 Idlan tersenyum.. so I think it was a success for me... hehhehe bukan senang nak ambil gambar budak betul2 ketawa (at least for me ).. and most importantly not a fake smile.. we have to capture their true personality.. especially when their eyes look at the camera but they still look naturally smile/laugh, so gambar tak nampak macam kaku ataupun dibuat-buat... so tough.. so challenging... in fact i'm still in learning process too to have a better communication and interaction with the kids.. It's not only about "taking picture", or the composition, or the lighting or about the technical thingy, dan juga bukan semata2 untuk melihat gambar yang telah kita hasilkan.. tetapi juga bagaimana kiter mendalami jiwa subjek yang kita ambil.. dan bagaimana ingin medapatkan keserasian apabila bekerja bersama2 mereka.. to have the connection with the subject, pada saya itu lebih penting... supaya kita selesa, mereka pun selesa ;-) I hope by having chances to knowing more children in the future, and with the experience I gained in each of the children I photographed.. I will improve myself and my pictures from time to time insyaAllah..

my fav pic of Idlan and his mom..

fav pic of the mom with her children..

fav pic of 4 of them...

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