Friday, August 1, 2008

Di Ambang Ramadhan

I'm so sorry to have neglected the blog a bit. I'm still in vacay mood? nope. nope.. but so much things happened lately.. and so little time to jot down here.. and most of them are unexpectedly.. will try to catch things up slowly InsyaAllah :-) Hopefully everything will be back to normal..

So here they are friends, some more pictures for the Ambang Ramadhan (or shud i just say a pre-raya) photoshoot session I promised to post not long time ago.. hehhee..

When we arranged the appointment for this session, Safiya just told me that they dedicated this session to their beloved parents as a present for their wedding anniversary.. tak expect langsung mereka semua akan pakai baju kebangsaan yang manis2 begini.. They all looked so cheery in those beautiful and bright colour outfit.. and me was like wow!!! what a surprise.. we are having a hari raya photoshoot here... *wink2.. apa lagi many things came to mind laa...

Mestilah I was sooo much excited..and very honoured and happy to do the the photography session with them.. as the picture will be use for their family's hari raya card.. and will be printed on the sampul duit raya.. best tgk family ni... each of them superly camera friendly, so sporting.. and they were not shy to strike any type of natural.. so cheerful.. and yet sometimes so touching (esp the salam2 scene between each of them with the parents) thus my work become easier alhamdulillah ;-) (very much thanks to them) they are very close with each other.. with 4 girls in the family.. and looking at their bonding with each other reminds me of my own family.. (oh maybe we shud do this with my family too.. hopefully b4 puasa sempat slot in kejap ..huhuhu)

Uncle and auntie was awesome too! They were so lovely together.. so did their grandson, Zaim.. the very most cutest kid of the day... I was totally happy with all the shots.. one more new experience for me indeed.. Thank you very much to all of you..

**cerita punya cerita.. rupanya auntie org sarawak daaa... same with my hubby rupanya ;-)

Zubye..we all loved the pre-raya pics soo much...peh tu kate leh la wat lagi len kali ahaxx...draft kad raya +angpow dh siap...x sbr nk tgk siapnye...even shots Zaim ng casual wear pon superb...

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