Monday, August 18, 2008

Future heartbreaker... *teeheehehee...

Nor Eva Fernandez..
An Indian, Chinese & Malay mix ;-)
So hard to catch her smile that day.
but... look at her eyes...
I'm meltzzzz....

... and today, I just knew that she is a niece of JayJay from the popular Hitz.Fm Morning Crew.. hehehe... I found it out after a funny chat with a dear friend (nama terpaksa dirahsiakan.. hehehe) let see how was the conversation like..

her : Sis.. that Eva Fernandez in ur blog... she.. daughter of JJ ke? the morning crew hitzfm? Rudy and Jayjay tu..

me : hah? ye ke? i dunno.. what make u say that?

her : from her name... Fernandez.. so familiar.. I know la.. i tgk her surname pun i dah tau.. u said this girl mix of indian chinese and malay.. JJ married to a chinese la..

me : Oh ye ke??? Seriously I dunno.. ye lah.. eva's mom is chinese..

her : how do u know him.?

me : his wife email me asking for the package.. and they said their friend introduce me to them.

her : ic.. ic.. ye lah kak.. he got a sis too.. who won Amazing Race last time.. her name.. sabrina..

me : ha ye lah... after the shot.. they showed me their family photos.. including the one who won the Amazing Race.. they told me she is his sister.. his sister married to a matsalleh.. and he showed me his other family pics tu..

her : haa... ye lah tu...its him! wow!! u shoot daughter JJ hitzfm la kakk!!

me : not only his daughter!! I shoot JJ too.. and his wife of course! ( masa ni dah perasan giler dah.. wakakaka! malu beb bila ingat balik..) But yg i know that d.j is 'big'.

her : no.. the big one is Rudy lah.. u shot the thin one kan..

me : yes.. yes.. the thin one.. but how come i didn't know i shoot a celebrity family? i mean a popular radio d.j.. hikhik.. and he just being so nice too me.. and very humble and kind too ( apa punya statement daaa... habis tu celebrity not kind ke.. hikhik.. jgn marah haaa...)

her : hahahha.. apa lah akak nii... (gelak terbahak2) kelakar la u ni...

me : adoi.. malunya i... how come i dunno.. mesti dia pelik je kan.. why i tak kenal him (hahahhaha! statement ni mcm bagus)

her : U got his photo rite.. let me see it for approval..

me : yes yes sure.. but let me tell my hubby 1st.. and my kakak too..

( at this time i was really bz being kepochi to my hubby, sis, and oh.. not forgotten my close frens too...hahahaha.. adoihhh maluuu!! my sis lagi best.. when i showed her the pic of eva's dad, she confidently said it was JJ.. siap ckp "apa la ko niii.. takkan ko tak kenal... tapi yang ni muka dia lain sket ek.. hari tu tgk cam bulat.." hahahha! then she added... "wow.. best lah ko JJ dah baca blog ko..." hahahhaha!)

me : let me upload their pic 1st in my flickr.. ha ni... dapat tak...?

her : jap loading...

after several seconds...
here comes the most embarassing part..

her : oh... nooo lah kakkkk...!!! this is his brother la... JJ married to a very chinese one.. i mean a very fair chinese one... and his face is round shape.. not this.. this is his brother laa...

me : ko biar betul!!! but this one married to a chinese too.. mix malay and chinese..

her : no.. no.. JJ's wife is real chinese...
me : aiyoo..... ok let me show u their family's pic i saw in their flickr. (they gave me the link of their BIL's flickr too on that day ~oh by the way.. their BIL is a grreaat photographer too~.. so.. i showed one of the pic to her)

her : ha... ye lahhh... JJ is yang kanan sekaliiii... yg u shoot ni his brother laaa.... hahahahha ( gelak terbahak2) hahhaha.. me soooo over excited la kak... nasib u tak tulis lagi that u're shooting JJ's daughter... hahahahahah!
( actually I was about to type it anyway... hhahahahha)

me : ye lah nasib tak tulis lagi kan.. .. wakakkakakak.. apalah me.. next time i have to read more magz or paper on entertainment section laaaa... huhuhu.. but ok lah kan... i shoot JJ's niece whatttt... kihkihkih...


dear Emelia & Zachy jangan tersedak2 pulak yer... hihihi.. its my bad.. my bad..i was just toooo overwhelm... hikhikhik.. but this is truly an experience for me... thanks for allowing and having me to capture your beautiful Eva.... :-) Funny me lah kan.. padahal.. u guys have showed me ur family photos that day kan? and JJ included.. baru I ingat.. the handsome lil' boy yang u tunjuk hari tu was JJ's son kan... hihihihi... anyway, is there any possibility for me to shoot them next time...? kihkihkih... ;-)
and now... i'm thinking of what shud i say to my hubby kejap lagi.. I have to make a correction to my statement just now... hehehhehe... (baru je kembang2 idung bgtau dia tadi.. wakakkaka!)

See you again Eva at your 1st bash InsyaAllah :-)

Till next time...


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