Thursday, August 14, 2008

Its Ariana's 3rd bash!!

Sekejap betul la rasanya masa berlalu.. mcm baru semalam je attended her 2nd birthday.. and last July.. Ariana dah sambut 3rd Birthday pula.. more meaningful indeed as this time.. she celebrated her day with an addition member of her family.. She so grown up.. and now already called herself "Kakak" .. being very protective for her new lil' sister Alia.. but this girl.. has a cheekier personality as ever..
she so smart and talkative too.. dengan suara dia yang halus tu.. she always being a centre of attraction for everybody.. She so special.. and so very near to me.. luv u.. Kakak Ariana.. may all the happiness will always be yours.. Jaga Arlia baik2 k.. jgn selalu2 gaduh ngan Sis Arisha tau!!

To all,
Do enjoy her party pics.. as much as she and everybody enjoyed her bash!!

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