Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet the Bohrman

I know, its a bit too late for me to do this entry. But.. how could I not sharing all these pictures of a wonderful family I photographed on the few weeks before they leaved Malaysia for good. They are Germany and have been staying here for 2 years.. lucky me to have knowing this family and be able to photograph them before they move to another place. This is something for them to remember.. a piece of memory they had here in Malaysia.

Remember one Germany family.. the Lammert family I shoot around August last year? Well, the Bohrman are their friend. They introduced me to this family.. and to Doreen and Stefan, I owe you so much on this one.. Hope you guys are doing great in Beijing :-) (wow its olympic now!! extra fun for you isn't it?)

There were so sweet and beautiful ( i can't stop myself from saying beautiful all the time.. because yes.. they definitely are!) and so kind too. We had such a good time at the playground and Elena & Leander having a good time licking and eating their lolipop.. They are seriously cute creature on earth. The lolipop was such a great subject too.. teheeehee.. The mom told me that she really admired the pic of the boy with lolipop at the blog tag.. and she wanted their children to have the same kind of photo, so she brought along the lolipos with her.. Thanks Susanne. It was so sweet..

It was so hard for me to choose just few pics of them out of hundreds to be post here.. I love them all!! ;-) I couldn't have asked for more. They were truly a perfect beautiful subjects. ( see.. i said beautiful again.. :D)

will you look at her sparkling eyes? She such a doll!

For you guys.. i'm sure you're having a bz time settling everything down at your new home.. I wish you luck ok..
Hope everything will going on smoothly.. Take care..!

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