Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monkeying around..

Who is the cheekiest one???

Obviously, he is!!!

Ok lah nak getting ready for the photoshoots. Malam ni ada bbq pulak kat rumah nenek.. hooray!!
see u again tomorrow!
ohhh.. btw, Upin & Ipin rawk! we watched the movie last Friday nite.. best sangat2 dari mula sampai habis.. We did enjoyed the show very2222 much! Sapa kata our animation movie takleh compete with outside movie kan..! Cinema pun full house! sampai midnite show kul 11.30 pun full..for those yang belum tengok.. i strongly recommend bring your kids to watch the movie.. but make sure you book the ricket 1st..
its something new to Malaysia's entertainment and film industry i must say.... congrats to the team!

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