Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wall of memories

me and hubby have a very important agenda to do early in the morning tomorrow.. but i'm here staring blankly in front of the pc.. I'm tired.. but i can't sleep.. Hopefully our plan tomorrow will run smoothly as we planned. Now.. its like butterfly in my stomach.. I'm nervous..

oh.. btw, above picture is all about my recent project on irfan's photos.. I'm in the process of decorating his room.. i have this 'thing' in mind.. cheap but looks cosy and beautiful. I have thousand pics of him.. some are printed but some are just stored safely in my hd. But I do keep few of them in the albums. My resolution this year is to print the photos as many as i can and to put them nicely in a frame and canvas. I want the memories treasured forever.

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