Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Si empunya kasut pink..

Hi! hope you guys still remember this entry I posted not long time ago.

Inilah dia si empunya kasut pink yang comel tu.. Oh~ i so in love to photograph the kids at her age.. I guess i said the same thing for children at other ages too kan.. hehhee.. kesimpulan yang mudah dibuat, i loveeeee to photograph children.. ehehhe.. cuma yang ni might be a bit different sebab it just two of us je masa sessi dibuat.. her mom and grandma tengok dari jauh je when i was photographing her.. thats mean I have full authority on her masa tu.. ekkekek.... and she too could do anything she likes in front of my gracey. Biasa la.. kalau budak2 ni.. if their parents are around, sumtimes they are not showing their true colours.. their eyes are tend to look at the parents for getting their approval.. But this one totally 100% genuine.. hehehhe.. Thanks Dian for that ;-)

Nabila. I've lots of her pics to share.. and they are good and fresh for your eyes too.. hehhehe.. thanks for this little lady for making my dream comes true.. tapi minta maaf sangat.. i have tons of editing work which are due this week. I may not be online at YM most of the time. So guys, if you have anything to say.. just drop the comment here or jot me an email. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

And I'll post more of her pics if the time permits. Sure!

Till then. Take care!

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