Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Through The Eye's Of A Child

Mom's Day is just around the corner. The special day to appreciate all moms out there. Sadly, since I was a mom, this is my first year to celebrate the day without my hubby around. But, luckily.. I still have my mom and Irfan here with me.. and I feel very grateful for that. I'm not always saying "I Love You" to my mom.. but deep inside, I really2 admire, adore and loves her very2 much. I know there's no such words to explain how lucky and thankful I am to have a mother like her. To me, my mom is the most beautiful woman in the world :-) I believe everyone feels that way too towards their mother.

ps: MakTeh, let Ibu read this :

"Happy Mom's Day, to you Ibu. I love you very-very much. you're very special to me :-)"

To all mommies out there, Happy Mother's day to you too..
this entry is special dedicated to you :-)

To Alissa, the mom of these 2 adorable children; Riley and Ella... thanks for the sweetest moments you shared with me. You guys are sooo lovely indeed!

Through The Eye's Of A Child

I step out of my door holding my mom's hand.
I look straight into her eyes
They look like toasted sand.
To me she's the most beautiful person in the world
Her soft golden brown hair bounces with many curls.
We sit on the step and she points to the sky.
I look and see many stars shinning and I ask her why.
She looks down at me with a soft smile on her face.
With a big grin I crawl onto her lap I'm so happy,
she can feel my heart race.
I put my arms around her and give her a tight squeeze
She says I love your soft hugs May I have another one please?
So I hug her again, kissing her cheek softly.
Her eye's light up, as if their smiling at me.
I look up and point to the big white circle in the sky.
She say it's the moon and it's shining beautifully tonight.
With a frown I look into those all knowing eyes and ask her why?
She smile softly down at me and my heart feels as if it can fly.
I sit and think to myself that she knows everything.
She looks at me and says that I make her heart just sing.
I look up and say mommy you're so beautiful to me.
She smiles and says I wish everyone could look through your eyes and see.

~DEBRA L. Woodson

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