Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Join EOG Fan Club now!

Hello friends!

hehhehe.. Finally I found the easiest way to create a link for EOG Fan club.

Just sign the guestbook as in above link, and you'll automatically become one of the members :-)

As I've mentioned before, all the EOG Fan club members will get the privilege in any of our latest promotions, workshops, contests and announcements we'll make in the future. So, take your own sweet time to sign the guestbook and don't forget to leave your email or even your contact number there.

I would also love to hear any feedback or ideas and suggestions you have for us to improve our work. Just jot the line there k!

At this moments, I've draft out a few fun activities for the Fan Club members (hhehhe.. baru draft dalam kepala je.. ;p) InsyaAllah.. I'll try my best to make it happen k! :-)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continuous supports, for all the prayers and the warmest responses Eyes of Grace gets from all the lovely people out there! I'm very thankful, grateful and honoured to have supporters like you!

Stay tune for more updates and announcements k!

I heart you all!

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