Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Try this!!

I just trying out a coolest little stuff which can include all your photos in your folder in one collage.. I think it's really cool because.. being me.. i seriously had a difficult times to choose which photos to upload here especially when it comes to the birthday photos or any events photos. Can you just imagine.. out of hundreds photos I have captured for each client, I just have to choose just few of them to upload in my blog and it must included the photos of the birthday kid in action, cake, foods, balloons, decos, other kids, activities, games, guests, family etc.. oh.. i had headache sometimes just to pick the best one (because i fancy all of them :p) I'm also afraid sometimes if the clients are not satisfied with the numbers of photos i've upload.. if it too few, the party will not looks that 'meriah' in the picture.. but if I put too many of them.. maknanya minutes after that i akan pengsan mengupload! LOL! so this is the best solution I think.. it can save my time and my energy as well.. plus it's the best way to compile the pictures, and the viewers can see overall scenario of the parties.

Oh!! Yes .. the best thing is the software is FREE.. (ntah2 saya yang last tau pasal software ni kot.. ekkek) You can download the software here.I made this collage in just one minute for each folder. Ok.. have fun creating your own collage!

Ok.. penat membebel.. let us watch some of the parties I've document in the month of April. Oh.. btw.. the 1st one took place in January.. erk..:p.. see..? i've told u I really have this chronics problem just to choose the pictures..and sometimes.. when it is getting worse.... I'm not uploading it at all! huhuhu so kejam me! oh.. nope.. sorry, correction ;-).. actually I must uploaded at least one photo :p for each client. Anyhow, the most important thing for me is when the clients are very satisfied with what they received on the final products and to know that they are very happy with the result is what I concern the most :-). My beloved clients know how busy I am.. erkk.. or how lazy I am sumtimes.. hehhhe.. love ya! *wink

Ok .. ok.. tidak puas tengok gambar kecik2 ni eh..? alamak.. takut nak janji.. takut janji tinggal janji.. nanti kalau ada kelapangan saya upload separate entries on each of them.. and i'll put the bigger ones k!!

Sofia's 2nd Birthday Bash
Putra Height Selangor

Katrina's 1st Birthday Bash
Damansara Height, KL

Aidan's 1st Birthday Bash
HTTO de futsal, USJ

Adam's 2nd Birthday Bash
Merdeka Villa, Ampang Selangor.

Ok.. now I have 2 more events to do like this :

1- Fahim's Cukur Jambul & Aqiqah

2- Irdina & Aniq's Double Birthday Bash..

jadi... tunggu yeee.. jangan tak tunggu...:D

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