Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sentimental value

Gambar ni ada sentimental value sket.. Ella's mom did a great homework a day before we met to have this photoshoot taken.. She browsed all my archive gallery and she saw the props my clients and i bring to the session. and she had an idea to bring something sentimental to the set. So.. here it is.. the soft blanket which own by her when she was still a baby.. and she still has it.. and yes it is still in good condition.. now Ella continue to use the blanket.. maybe bila Ella dah kawen nanti.. ada anak.. Ella akan turunkan blanket tu kat anak dia pula kan ;-) so guys, can you guess how old the blanket is? Maybe dalam 20-30 years old camtu kan :-) how sweet it is right?

ok.. here are some more images of Ella I photographed last time. Don't you feel like want to pinch her chubby cheek? I do!! geram gilerrr!!

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