Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How cute they are!

Simone and Celine are cousin.. They grow up together and very close with each other. For me they are just like bestfriends. Last year when I photographed them.. they were still babies and just learned how to walk. Simone's father has made a plan to document her daughter's milestone every year.. so after 1 year, he called me to book an appoinment for the 2nd session.. but this time not only 1.. but 2 session in a year because Celine has got a baby brother; Georgie... and they think 1 session is just not enough for them :-)

These pictures are from our 1st session this year, which taken on last August.(mind you.. I took quite sometime to upload this.. eheh) Last weekend I met this family again for another session.. It was nice to see and work with them over again. Last time after we ended the session, Simone's father told me.. "It must be great if you can still take their pictures for another 10 years from now.." I was flattered when hearing those words from him.. but now i just wondering am I still taking pictures at my age of 40? (10 years from now) Only God knows :-)

Thanks to Vincent and family for your trust you put in me. See you again next year!

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